Our Story

To honor the DF Casa Cubana story we wanted to pay homage to the family that brought this great Cuban Cafe to Los Angeles. Here is their story:

Gaviña Family Story

Gaviña Family Photo from the original website.

The enthusiasm for coffee in our family began more than a century ago, precisely 140 years, in the lush mountains of Southern Cuba. This is where our forefathers, José María and Ramón Gaviña, sowed the initial seeds of a remarkable journey. Don Francisco Gaviña, the patriarch of our family, carried forward the wisdom his father passed onto him to Los Angeles, where he founded our roasting enterprise in 1967.

Don Francisco’s Coffee, Casa Cubana is a vision that our family has cherished across several generations. It is our tribute to Don Francisco’s enduring legacy—carefully selecting the finest coffee beans, roasting them to achieve perfect flavor, and serving a delightful cup to you.

DF Casa Cubana Looking Forward To The Future

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